A year after the Beirut Blast in Lebanon... from now to then - Free Online Panel Discussion

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021


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A year after the Beirut Blast...from then to now - Free Online Interactive Panel Discussion by I Have Learned Academy In Collaboration with the German Foundation: KAS - Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Lebanon office

4 August 2020 was a day like no other in Beirut, as a terrible blast at the port shaked the city causing more than 200 deaths and countless damages.
A year later... what are the struggles and next steps of the parents victims?
How is the Beirut Fire Brigade ready for support after the huge loss of 10 of their members?
What is the point of view of photo-journalists documenting the facts and events of the country since a year...

In this panel, we will host:
- Paul & Tracy Naggear - Parents of the young Victim aged 3 years old: Alexandra
- Lieutenant Ali Njeim - representing the Beirut Fire Brigade
- Nabil Ismail - Photojournalist and who has his work featured in www.artsandpolitics.me

Paul and Tracy Naggear lost their 3-years old daughter Alexandra in the Beirut Blast port.
Tracy & Paul are the founders and managers of Lebanese Innovation Agency representing a French Innovation Group.
They will be discussing in this talk the point of view of the parents of the victims of the Beirut Blast.

Beirut Fire Brigade
The Beirut Brigade of the Lebanese firefighters witnessed first-hand the tragedy of the Beirut explosion on August 4, 2020, where 10 of their comrades died while battling the blaze. Since then, they have remained on the ground, putting out fires, scanning and rescuing the injured and pulling bodies and remains from the rubble.

Nabil Ismail
Photo Journalist, Director of the Photography department of the Lebanese political daily newspaper An-Nahar. He worked as a photojournalist since 1975 for various newspapers and the Associated Press. At the beginning of his photographic career, the circumstances of the Lebanese Civil War forced his lens to be a “war photographer”, and for this reason, he covered all the events of the Lebanese Civil War in all its years and tours across Lebanon. He was one of the photojournalists who wandered daily between the barricades of the western and eastern parts of Beirut. He also photographed all the political activities that took place on the side of the war events from presidential elections and the formation of governments to political meetings between the conflicting parties in the Lebanese arena. He also worked with photographers with Lebanese artistic groups and major Lebanese artists, and covered all cultural activities since then, as he worked as a photographer for most of the summer festivals. In Lebanon, during his photographic work, he starred in three Lebanese films with Lebanese director Maroun Baghdadi, including the feature film “Little Wars". Today he still carries his camera to follow up on all political events and follow up on all developments within the scope of his journalistic work.

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