Agile Leadership & Mindset for Tough Times with Rashad Bayramov - Online Workshop by I Have Learned Academy

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Monday, July 6, 2020


6:30 pm


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Agile Leadership & Mindset in Tough Times Online Interactive Workshop with international speaker Rashad Bayramov by I Have Learned Academy Monday 22 June from 6:30 to 9 pm - Lebanon Time.

New Challenges needs Agile Solutions.

Agile is often presented as the answer to all problems in modern project management. But is it potent during the global crisis brought by COVID-19?

Interestingly, the agile approach reveals a few truths about working effectively in complex situations. And the one we face today is certainly complex.

Join our webinar to hear about what ‘agile’ really is and how it can help bring order and impact to your job when the world is constantly changing around you.

In our webinar you will learn:
- What is agile and why is it so popular today
- How is agile relevant to some sectors like the banking sector
- Four ways agile mindset can help you in crisis times
- Tips on using agile approach to deal with the crisis
- Agile leadership: leaders vs servants

Trainer bio:
Rashad Bayramov will be joining live from Azerbaijian!

Rashad is an international business trainer and coach. He has delivered his training programs and personal coaching sessions on effective communication in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Qatar, Jordan, India, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

He is the author of “Trust Your Words: 10 Ways to Conquer Your Audience” (2016), the first book on the topic of public speaking published in his home country.
Rashad Bayramov serves as the modernization and transformation manager for BP in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey helping teams embrace the concepts of agility and adaptive leadership.
Rashad has a Masters Degree in Communications and Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology (USA) and specializes in the art of effective communication.

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