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I Have Learned Academy, Caracas 1, Bldg, Bloc B - 5th floor, Mirna Chalouhi Highway (Bauchrieh - Sin El Fil Highway), Beirut, Lebanon

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


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Aviation Basics - Workshop at I Have Learned Academy This Intensive 3-hour course aims to provide an in-depth overview to the air transport world. It enables the participants to better understand the regulations, the roles and perspectives of the different actors in this industry: airport operators, airlines, air traffic control, as well as regulators and organisation. This course is designed for new entrants in the industry, Amateurs and travel geeks and people who fear flying, as well as for qualified experts desiring to have a refresher on some of the specific complex topics.

After a short introduction in the aviation organisation and regulations, the functions and operations of each stakeholder are first presented in a practical and simple manner:
What are the challenges of airport landside and airside operations? How is a typical day in the cockpit? What is the role of air traffic control in traffic regulation and safety? This and many questions are answered in this training course with hands-on examples.
Then, the different – often conflicting – objectives and perspectives of the key-players are discussed, together with the basic principles that enable a fair and efficient collaboration.
At the end of the course the participant should have a basic overview about international aviation including all different stakeholders and the corresponding technical solutions and operational procedures of Airports and Airlines.

Course Content
Role and function of world aviation organisations
 International regulations (ICAO, IATA, FAA)
 European requirements (EASA, EUROCONTOL)
 National regulations (CAA)
 Airport organisation and infrastructure:
 Runway, taxiway, apron
 Terminal configuration
 Operation:
 Airside operations
 Landside operations

Air Traffic Control / Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)
 Organisation:
 Air Traffic Services
 Operation:
 Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and Network Operations
 Navigational aids (NDB, VOR, DME, ILS, etc.) – Aviation geeks would love this.
 Surveillance and Communication systems (radars etc.) – Bonus materials
 Air Traffic Control roles (airport control, en-route, etc.)

 Organisation:
 Airline types and business models
 Alliances
 Flight Operations:
 Personnel qualification and education
 Flight preparation (flight planning, fuelling, de-icing etc.)
 Taxi and take-off
 Cruise
 Approach and landing
Future developments in air transport
 Harmonisation efforts ("Single European Sky", interoperability)
 Technical development of navigation | Remote Towers.

Training course benefits
High practical relevance through application-oriented knowledge transfer and real-world examples
Professional Industry trainers with broad practical experience provide an insider‘s perspective on a
wide range of specific subjects Individual, effective knowledge transfer by means of small groups,
flexible focus, and proven training methods.
Presentation of the latest industry trends and developments and their impact on the activities of the
participants (e.g. ICAO / EASA regulations, implementation) Exchange of experience and networking
within the aviation industry and interesting discussions resulting from different regional or
stakeholder‘s specific perspectives and approaches.
Comprehensive learning techniques.

Trainer Bio

Rabih ElMdawar – Senior Technical Officer in Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance with 11 years of experience in several fields of Aviation Industry.

Graduate from IKAROS Aviation Academy – Greece in EASA Regulation Part 145/147/66 Part M, Quality management systems in aviation, Maintenance Planning & Safety Management Systems.

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