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Tuesday, August 2, 2022


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Beyond ENOUGH! - Free Online Interactive Session by I Have Learned Academy In Collaboration with the German Foundation: KAS - Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Lebanon office

Beyond ENOUGH!

What comes after Lebanon's Darkest Hour?


Following the revelations exposed in her globally acclaimed documentary, ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour, multi-award-winning, Lebanese-Australian journalist and

filmmaker, Daizy Gedeon, goes beyond the film and delves deeper into the central issues confronting Lebanon’s move towards change.

Through this insightful discourse, she will explore the relevance and impact of the May 2022 elections, and clarify the challenges, questions, controversy, and conclusions reached on her 5-year passage to comprehend and relay her findings. She will reveal the weight of the burden that she discovered she had imposed upon herself as she unearthed the potent truth.

Her dissertation will include the importance of Art in providing a platform and a voice for the marginalised, silent majority, and will conclude by unveiling her vision of what lays

Beyond ENOUGH! - not just the film, but more profoundly the way forward to affect real, long-lasting change. Not a future built on mountains of muddied money, but rather virtuous, eternal pillars that will form the foundations of a Free and Fair Lebanon for all.

Speakers' Bio

Daizy Gedeon is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, journalist, entrepreneur and humanitarian activist.
Her most recent accolades including being selected as one of the 100 Successful Women in Business by the Global Trade Chamber and will receive her award at the awards ceremony in London in late August.
She was also selected as one of the "Top 10 Influential Women Leaders of 2022" by Industry Era Women Leaders.
Her media and business career has spanned more than 35 years working for some of the largest international media organisations including Rupert Murdoch’s News International, The Times Group, Channel 4 and MBC in London.
She began her writing career as a sports writer and was the first female sports journalist on The Australian newspaper and first female soccer writer in Australia which took her to the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.
In 1988 Daizy moved to the international desk to cover foreign affairs including the Lebanese Civil War. In 1994 she was one of an exclusive group of journalists who were invited to report on the signing of the Middle East Peace Treaty. She is a Middle East and International Affairs expert and has interviewed many Lebanese and Middle East political leaders.
In 1996 she released her first feature documentary film, Lebanon...Imprisoned Splendour, featuring movie star, the late Omar Sharif. This film challenged the western perception of Lebanon as a war zone, land of terrorists, kidnappings and car bombings by exploring the full, rich and hidden beauty, charm and history that has characterized this ancient land for more than two millennia – its imprisoned splendour.
Her film won several international accolades including:
1. Qualifying for the 1998 Academy Awards for Best Feature Documentary;
2. Winning the Silver Screen Award at the US International Film and Video Festival;
3. Best of the Shorts – Boston Film Festival
4. High Commendation – Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

In 2000, Daizy moved into the marketing and advertising industry and over the past two decades, built a multi-million dollar, multi-media marketing agency, GDR MEDIA Group, in Sydney. She continues as its CEO and Creative Director.
In 2016, concurrently with running her media agency, she began production on a new film, ENOUGH!
Lebanon’s Darkest Hour after witnessing the growing dysfunction of Lebanese society and disintegration of public institutions and infrastructure as a result of corruption and incompetence. She decided someone needed to expose the truth and give the people a voice.

ENOUGH! was released in June 2022 and has gone on to win more than 17 international film festival awards including the Movie That Matters Award at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2021.
The film proved instrumental in mobilizing tens of thousands of Lebanese expats as well as Lebanese citizens to use democratic means to voice their opposition to the tragedy that has befallen Lebanon over the past 4 years, by getting out and voting for change in the May 2022 elections.
The film remains on the festival circuit with more than 33 festivals now having Officially Selected it for their festival audiences. The film will continue its world tour in October 2022 with screenings planned across 12 countries in Europe and the UK and will tour the USA, Canada, Latin America and other regions in early 2023.
Her proudest life achievement is being the mother of three, extraordinary adult children, Teriza, Paris and Patrick. Originally her family migrated from Lebanon in 1970 when she was 5-years-old.  

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