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Sunday, January 31, 2021


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Culture, Arts & Entertainment in a COVID-19 world Free Online Panel Discussion by I Have Learned Academy Part of the Free Online Series Program: "Toolkit for Life in crisis times & after Covid-19" - Business Continuity Panels Series

Culture, Arts & Entertainment sectors are directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, but even more, in Lebanon, with the financial crisis and political instabilities.
Will we ever attend again a crowded concert, a full-house theater play, an Art Exhibition or a cultural event.
What about attending a Movie in a time when life became like a movie...

In this panel we will discuss the challenges of the Cultural, Art & Entertainment industries and what will happen to these sectors in a COVID-19 world, will we go back to normal, or do we have to set a new normal, and how can we use creativity to adapt to the challenges.

- Carly Ramia - Grand Cinemas

- Ghassan Yammine - Musician & Composer / Ecole Ghassan Yammine

- Guy Yazbeck - Baalbeck International Festival

- Josyane Boulos - 62 Events / Theater

- Lynn Tehini - Journalist and Cultural Affairs Expert & Advisor

- Tom Young - Artist / Painter

Moderated by Randa Farah - Founder & Manager of & I Have Learned Academy, University Instructor

More info about the speakers below:

- Carly Ramia - Grand Cinemas

Carly is the Head of Marketing and PR at Srndco the mother Company of Grand Cinemas
She is responsible for all aspects of channel campaign, strategy, execution and performance. Optimizing Digital marketing channel strategy and performance to maximize the success of the campaign. Providing to customers real time experience insight. She heps in building the brand awareness in the market and grow the community of cinema activists, and come up with innovative campaign ideas ( partnerships, events, social activation, etc..) for each marketing campaign.
She is in charge of the PR strategy to drive high impact in the market and monitors local market competitors and industry trends in the region.

- Ghassan Yammine - Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine
Ghassan is a Music Lover, he is a passionate Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, Composer.
Owner of Ecole des Arts Ghassan Yammine.
Anchor and producer of "Musical" on MTV.
Lecturer at AUB and USJ.

- Guy Yazbeck - Baalbeck International Festival
Guy is the General Manager of the Baalbeck International Festival since 2014. He is a senior executive with 17 years of general management, consultancy and operational expertise in the Events & Entertainment, Hospitality and Tourism industries in Lebanon and the wider Middle East region. Before Baalbeck International Festival, Guy worked as a Senior Development Consultant for Byblos Historic City Development and was before that the COO of a famous beach resort.

- Josyane Boulos - 62 Events
After working for several years as a presenter, television producer and then as event specialist, Josyane Boulos has devoted herself exclusively to theater since 2017.
As a producer, she has to her credit since 2000, more than 75 Lebanese or foreign shows.
She has also performed at the Theater: “Semblant de piece”, “Who is Claire Zahnassian?”, “Iyyem bteswa Franco”, “Ekher Beyt bel Gemmayze”, “A siren in the land of penguins”, “Online”, “3aj2et Seyr", "Knock", "The Unexpected", "The Importance of being Earnest"; "Léocadia", "M. Béchara" "Sobhieh". At the cinema: "Blind Intersection" by Lara Saba, "Le Pantalon" (4 international awards) a short film by Clément Vieu, "L'épine" a short film by Clément Vieu, "Yalla Abelkon" by Elie Khalifé, "Listen" by Philippe Aractingi, "Wanted" by Nibal Arakji, "Farah" by Hassiba Freiha and Kenton Oxley, "Corona Days" short film by Farah Chaya, "3a mafraq tariq" by Lara Saba. She also wrote 4 plays "3aj2et Seyr (Traffic Jams)" and "Online" directed by Clément Vieu, "Les Gens de la Fontaine" directed by Betty Taoutel, "Sobhieh" directed by Lina Abiad. In 2004, she published her first book “Cartons Rouges”.

- Lynn Tehini - Cultural Affairs Expert & Journalist
Lynn is a Journalist, Expert in Public policy and Project management. She is the Former Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Advisor at Presidency of the Council of Ministers with a demonstrated history of working as a consultant for the government administration industry for more than 12 years. Her areas of expertise are: Public policy, Cultural Resource management, Journalism, Project management, Event management, Media Relations, and Communication.
She is behind the famous "Nuit des Musées" that happened in Lebanon over several years.

- Tom Young - Artist /Painter
Tom Young is a British Artist based in Lebanon. Tom Young paints the changing nature of Beirut, the city which has been his home since 2009. Influenced by his architectural training, he depicts the city’s chaotic architecture and public spaces, exploring how they embody emotion and political change.
Through painting and installations in iconic places such as La Maison Rose (2014-15), the Grand Hotel Sofar (2018-19), and his current exhibition at Hammam Al-Jadeed in Saida Old Souq (2020-21), he explores themes of memory, transformation and coexistence. Whilst expressing the vulnerability of urban heritage in the face of modern development and sudden trauma, he creates a transcendent feeling of light and space.
Young combines his painting practice with architectural activism and art therapy for children- transforming disused heritage buildings into living centers of culture and education. He feels that art should contribute positively to a wider society. He has collaborated with children through several Orphanage, Refugee and Cancer Treatment Institutions in Lebanon.

- Moderator:
Randa Farah
is the founder of I Have Learned Academy & as well as a University Instructor at USJ.
Randa has an extensive track record in HR Management and Recruitment across multinationals in various industries. Her practical expertise is supported by her degrees in HR Management, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing. Her specialization is Happiness at Work, Stress and Wellness at work. In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa has been an instructor at USJ for over 10 years in HR Management & Organizational Psychology Courses for Master students. Randa is an international speaker, sharing her passion for HR, Happiness at Work & Soft Skills at conferences & trainings across Europe, The Gulf and the Middle East.‍
She is also the founder of, calendar for events, keeping Lebanon updated about all types of cultural, sports, artistic, culinary, events in Lebanon.

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This session is organized by I Have Learned Academy, part of a program in collaboration with the US Embassy in Lebanon named: Toolkit for life in crisis times & after COVID-19.

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