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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


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Dealing with Insomnia in Stressful Times Free Online Session by I Have Learned Academy Part of the Free Online Series Program: "Toolkit for Life in crisis times"

Insomnia: When the night becomes the hardest time to be alive.
Almost 50% of adults suffer during a certain period of their life from insomnia. As research shows, lack of good sleep could make people suffer from increased risk of heart disease and stroke, cognitive impairment, stress, paralysing anxiety and depression, inability to enjoy life, decreased level of productivity, as well as other fatal behaviours.
This online session will help you understand Insomnia, its reasons and triggers and help you make peace again with your pillow even during stressful times

We will discuss:
- Insomnia exposed from head to toe
- Discover your personal "bed nails"
- Top tips that actually work for a good night's sleep
- Find your personal lullaby
- Be your own "Somnologist" (sleeping expert)

Trainer Bio:

ABOU DAHER, Rony is a London based integrative psychotherapist with a master’s degree in clinical and adjustment psychology. He is a registered member at the BACP (British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy) and is part of the ‘Harley Therapy’ online platform, known to be the most successful psychotherapy and counseling clinic in London.

Rony brings 13 years of experience, during which he demonstrated the ability to integrate psychology in different fields such as; TV production, employee assistance programs, architecture, coaching, staff care, substance abuse, emergency response and disaster relief programs and GBV (gender-based violence). ABOU DAHER continually participates in key professional international consortiums, media campaigns, trainings and forums among leading authorities on latest developments, best practices and discoveries.

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This session is online and Free of Charge!
Booking is a must on the below link:

You can also get a certification of attendance if you wish.
Donations are optional and encouraged, distributed to families in need.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

This session is organized by I Have Learned Academy, part of a program named: Toolkit for life in crisis times & after COVID-19.
This program is done by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with the US Embassy in Beirut.

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