Discovering Lebanon's Old Train Railways - Day trip with I Have Learned Academy

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Saturday, March 30, 2024


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Discovering Lebanon's Old Train Railways - Day trip Event by I Have Learned Academy

Lebanon's 408km of railway once connected the country to its neighbors, but today the beautiful train stations stand abandoned.

Pick up from Mar Mikhael to discover the beautiful historical abandoned Train stations & railways in Lebanon. The guide will share the history as well stories of the railways, connecting the Middle East to Europe, and stories about Charles De Gaulle, and other personalities who visited the train.

"In August 1895, the first steam train departed from Beirut and passed across the Bekaa Valley towards Rayak station, near the border with modern-day Syria. It was the golden age of rail transport in Lebanon.

Lebanon's 403km of railway once connected Beirut to the region. Today, there is nothing left but dilapidated station buildings and rusted locomotives. The Lebanese civil war, which ran from 1975 to 1990, effectively put an end to rail transport in the country.

Warring factions demolished some train stations during the civil war; others were later bulldozed for highway projects; still, others have merely been left abandoned. Historic locomotives rust at Rayak and Tripoli stations, while in Europe, the same engines are preserved in museums."

The commonwealth named the railway line between Lebanon and Haifa the Vital Link.
It was the only line capable of connecting 3 continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.

The tour will comprise a tour in different railways like: Mar Mikhael, Baabda, Araya, Sofar, Riyak.

The tour will be guided by an expert / activist part of a group who are actively working on:
1. Advocating for Lebanese railway rehabilitation
2. Advocating for Lebanese Railway Heritage preservation
3. Conducting studies and building models for the restoration of the Lebanese Railways
4. Awareness raising on the role of railways as a backbone for transport in Lebanon
5. Awareness raising on sustainable public transportation

Lunch with Lebanese Mezze included.
Wine / Arak tasting included.
Transportation in a well-equipped air-conditioned Pullman provided.

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Tour + Guide + Lunch + Transport in Air-conditioned Pullman + Digital photos: 60$

Kids from 5 to 13 years old at 30$ all inclusive

Kids aged 4 and below - 15$


Tickets can be purchased online on Ihjoz:

For more info contact or call / whatsapp 03-614493

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