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Tuesday, April 6, 2021


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Echoes from Lebanon: Meet some of the Artists Free Online Panel Discussion Organized by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. Panel related to the collective virtual Art Exhibition: "Echoes from Lebanon":

Echoes from Lebanon is a Virtual Art Exhibition under the theme of Arts & Politics. The concept was created and organized by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Lebanon Office.

The purpose is to show how people expressed their feelings from the recent events and situation in Lebanon: hope, pain, love, anger… many emotions expressed through Art.

Due to the corruption, Beirut Blast and financial challenges, many people and artists sublimated the suffering by making something beautiful out of every situation.

Echoes from Lebanon is a scream from Lebanon to the world, a shout to be heard echoing all over the world…

You can check the Exhibition on

In this panel discussion we will meet 5 of the artists featured in the Exhibition:

- Eddy Choueiry

- Roula Abdo

- Selim Mawad

- Tarek Chehab

- Tom Young

Moderated by Randa Farah.

Speakers profile:

- Tom Young:

Tom Young paints the changing nature of Beirut, the city which has been his home since 2009. Influenced by his architectural training, he depicts the city’s chaotic architecture and public spaces, exploring how they embody emotion and political change.

Through painting and installations in iconic places such as La Maison Rose (2014-15), the Grand Hotel Sofar (2018-19), and his current exhibition at Hammam AlJadeed in Saida Old Souq (2020-21), he explores themes of memory, transformation,and coexistence. Whilst expressing the vulnerability of urban heritage in the face of modern development and sudden trauma, he creates a transcendent feeling of light and space.

Young combines his painting practice with architectural activism and art therapy for children- transforming disused heritage buildings into living centers of culture and education.

He feels that art should contribute positively to wider society. He has collaborated with children through several Orphanages, Refugee and Cancer Treatment Institutions in Lebanon.

- Tarek Chehab:

Tarek is the founder and GM of Styro 3D. STYRO 3D is a company that designs, creates, and installs custom 3D displays including: oversized sculptures and 3D props, stage and exhibition stands, 3D wedding event decoration, 3D advertising installations and much more. A one-stop factory whereby the client is able to produce his job inhouse from A to Z. Tarek Chehab started the company named STYRO 3D in November 2014. He was swiftly able to sell the idea of producing and installing the big monument in the heart of Beirut with big letters " I LOVE BEIRUT ". It was sold to Solidere and located in Down Town (Beirut Souks). I LOVE BEIRUT later became the mascot and symbol of Lebanon. This is something to be proud of.  

- Selim Mawad:

Selim Mawad, holder of a master's degree in interior architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), and after a long journey in the field of human rights in many conflict-torn countries shares with you part of his journey through art.

Selim, and after more than 20 years of human rights and peace-building work between the Middle East, Africa and Latin-America, offers you a collection of non-narrative stories through paintings, sketches, comic books, and articles.

​Many of the stories were depicted and drawn whilst on the field to be later on transformed into a painting.

Through art, Selim is trying to critically look at activism and to explore the underlying reasons of violence, the resilience of people, and their will to enjoy life.

- Roula Abdo:

Roula Abdo, “Ru“, is a Beirut-born visual artist.

She studied fine arts and received her master's degree in painting.

She was always intrigued by the human figure and condition, and this fascination is translated in her work as she merges realistic everyday human states with abstract elements. Using art to address humanitarian and social subjects, she took her art to the streets to help spread awareness and also hope in a struggling society. Through her paintings and murals, she's always on a quest for communication, deploying her art as a dialogue and a reflection to whoever interacts with it.

- Eddy Choueiry:

After studying psychology and philosophy, Eddy started in 2011 with several Photography books on different aspects of the Lebanese heritage like the railways, the fishermen, architecture.. and lately Beirut and its port.

Art-wise 3 exhibitions in the International Art Festival of Beiteddine followed by an exhibition, a book signing and a conference in the Arab World Institute - IMA-PARIS. 2014. Two exhibitions in Mark Hachem Gallery.    Art-wise 3 exhibitions were held  in the International Art Festival of Beiteddine followed by an exhibition, a book signing, and a conference in the Arab World Institute (IMA-PARIS 2014). In addition to that, two other exhibitions took place in Mark Hachem Gallery.

Since 2013, Eddy presented several conferences and exhibitions over the Lebanese Heritage from Paris to Milan and recently in Jordan with the collaboration of the Lebanese embassy.

- Moderated by Randa Farah:

Randa Farah is the founder of I Have Learned Academy & as well as a University Instructor at USJ.

Randa has an extensive track record in HR Management and Recruitment across multinationals in various industries. Her practical expertise is supported by her degrees in HR Management, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing. Her specialization is Happiness at Work, Stress and Wellness at work. In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa has been an instructor at USJ for over 10 years in HR Management & Organizational Psychology Courses for Master students. Randa is an international speaker, sharing her passion for HR, Happiness at Work & Soft Skills at conferences & trainings across Europe, The Gulf and the Middle East.‍

She is also the founder of, calendar for events, keeping Lebanon updated about all types of cultural, sports, artistic, culinary, events in Lebanon.

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This session is organized by I Have Learned Academy, in collaboration with the German Foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, in relation to the collective virtual Art Exhibition: "Echoes from Lebanon" -

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