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I Have Learned Academy, Highway Mirna Chalouhi (Bauchrieh - Sin El Fil Highway), Street nbr 2, Bldg 1140, Bloc B, 5th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


6:00 pm


9:00 pm

Beirut/Lebanon Time

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Emotional First Aid Workshop at I Have Learned Academy

Emotional pressure is becoming more and more dominant in our daily lives. Stress, Anxiety, Emotional wounds are become part of our daily life, especially with the increased depression rate and the tension of the Revolution days.

Learn how to preserve your emotional health, increase your resilience and make it a daily habit to stay strong no matter what you're going through with a proper "emotional hygiene".

Throughout this session you will learn about the most common psychological injuries and how to deal with them:
- Deep sadness and depression
- Rumination
- Failure
- Rejection
- Guilt
- Loneliness
- Low self-esteem
- Loss & Trauma

- the concept of Emotional Hygiene and how to make it a habit
- The practical tools needed to prevent emotional damage
- Tips to have a strong mindset
- How to face your fears and doubts
- How to become resourceful
- Improve your self-talk
- Improve your self-esteem and gain confidence

- Mixture of theory and practice with a hands-on participatory approach and exercises
- Individual practice and tools to use after the workshop

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