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Monday, March 8, 2021

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The Complete Emotional Intelligence Program Online Program with I Have Learned Academy

A series of 5 Workshops over 5 weeks (Every Monday in March, except first week on Thursday)

Training by Randa Farah, certified trainer from the UK
with 2 international guest speakers:
Paulette Pidcock from USA
Deiric McCann from Ireland

Schedule is as per below:
- Thursday 4 March 2021: From 6 to 9 pm: Emotional Intelligence - Workshop
- Monday 8 March 2021: From 6:30 to 8 pm: Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Conversations - Session with Paulette Pidcock from USA
- Monday 15 March 2021: From 6 to 8:30 pm - Social Intelligence
- Monday 22 March 2021: From 6:30 to 8 pm - The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence - Session with Deiric McCann from Ireland
- Monday 29 March 2021: From 6 to 8:15 pm - Positive Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is recognized for its important and crucial role in successful relationships and leadership - both on a personal and professional level.

In this program we will cover the below:
x Session 1: Emotional Intelligence Workshop
- Randa Farah
• The Basics of Emotional Intelligence
• Emotional Intelligence vs other types of intelligence.
• The Components of Emotional Intelligence
• How to develop your EQ
• Why emotional intelligence is so critical today in the age of artificial intelligence

x Session 2: Emotional Intelligence in Difficult Conversations - Paulette Pidcock
Difficult conversations are an integral part of everyone’s journey - both personally and professionally. The reality is that many people struggle to handle such conversations. Our goal is to get comfortable with uncomfortable conversations and use Emotional Intelligence for better communication.

• Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation
• Emotions & Triggers
• Difficult Conversations and Interpersonal Conflict
• Listening and Impulse Control

x Session 3: Social Intelligence - Randa Farah
Increase your Social Intelligence by understanding better others and managing better the interaction.
• What is Social Intelligence and why it’s important in teams and relationships
• Self-awareness
• What it means to be empathetic
• Active listening
• Recognizing social cues
• Political intelligence
• Body Language tips
• Social cues
• Communication and hidden signs

x Session 4: The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence - Deiric McCann
• Learn about the deep research showing that Emotional Intelligence is a key competency for in an Artificially Intelligent future
• Learn about the neuroscience of emotions and why it is so important to successful interactions that we all learn to manage our own emotional responses and those of others
• Discover how to trigger the brains of those around you into an engaged and receptive state
• Dive into the deep research that shows the bottom-line impact of Emotional Intelligence at every level of the organisation - especially in management/leadership or customer-facing roles like sales and customer service

x Session 5: Positive Intelligence Workshop - Randa Farah

Positive intelligence is is the science and practice of developing mastery over your own mind so you can reach your full potential for both happiness and success.
 We will understand what is Positive Intelligence and how we can keep a positive mindset and reduce self-sabotage
• What is Positive Intelligence and why it matters
• Measuring PQ or your Positive Intelligence Quotient
• Discover your saboteurs and reduce self-sabotage
• Learn to strengthen your positive mental muscles
• Better self-management & relationships with Positive Intelligence

Trainers Bio:
Randa Farah is an HR Specialist, Organizational Psychologist, University Instructor.
Founder of I Have Learned Academy & Lebtivity.com
Certified Trainer from the UK, Master NLP Practitioner.
Certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark, Stress management & personal growth specialist.
Passionate about Learning & sharing knowledge, Randa always wondered: "why do we have to learn things the hard way?"
She created the concept of “I Have Learned Academy” to let people get access to daily life skills easily and in an affordable way.
Skills that no one taught us at school or university…
Randa worked for many years in HR Management in various multinational companies in different industries.
She holds 3 university degrees: HR, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing.
In addition to countless certifications in various topics.
In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa is an instructor at USJ since more than 10 years in HR & Organizational Psychology Courses for Master Students.
She is also the founder of Lebtivity.com, a successful startup for all events in Lebanon, and she won many awards.
Randa is an international speaker, she spoke in conferences all over the world like Italy, Poland, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Denmark, Morocco & more.
Randa ensures to have a rich content in her workshops, an interactive approach and encourages out of the box thinking & creativity.
Her motto in life is: “Do what you love, love what you do”.

Paulette Pidcock
- 35+ years corporate experience
- energy/environmental lobbying strategy
- Founder & President ~ Pidcock Coaching Partners
- Member of the International Coaching Federation
- Georgetown University - Certified Leadership Coach 2014
- EQ i-2.0 Assessment Certified - 2019

For 35 years Paulette navigated the complex and vibrant world of Washington, D.C. as a Government Relations Executive for three multi-billion-dollar energy and utility holding companies (PPL, PG&E, and Baltimore Gas & Electric). Throughout all this experience, she studied and developed elite skills and knowledge essential to the highest levels of corporate and governmental leadership.
Over time, Paulette was moved to dedicate the skills and knowledge gained through her lobbying years—listening, trust, and the genuine connections that result from both—to a broader leadership endeavor. In 2014 this brought her to her own entrepreneurial venture, Pidcock Coaching Partners, and to the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF), where her vision and dedication would find its most powerful expression. She earned the acclaimed Leadership Coaching Certificate from Georgetown University, and became certified in the highly respected Emotional Intelligence assessment EQ-i 2.0, and has committed herself to a broad and purposeful life that positions her to give back as a leadership coach and to make a difference in the lives of those striving to become authentic, resilient, values-based leaders themselves.

Deiric McCann
Head of International for Genos International, a world-leading provider of Emotional Intelligence assessments and education offerings. He is responsible for 1,200 partners worldwide. He has an impressive corporate executive background with more than 25 years’ experience working with multinational clients worldwide to help them to get the very best from every person in their organisations.
Author of Leadership Charisma and several other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is in helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – something he speaks upon regularly around the world.
An accredited and experienced teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Programme developed by Google, Deiric has delivered Genos Certification and Mindful Leader programmes worldwide to extremely positive reviews.

Booking information

Tickets for the online sessions:
- Investment is only 298$ at the rate of only 3900 LL for the full program of 5 sessions and a certificate of attendance.

- Drop in for 1 session only is 100$ or 390 000 LL
- Add certificate of attendance for 1 session only: +10$ or 20 000 LL

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