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Wednesday, December 9, 2020


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Everything you need to know about ELECTIONS Free Online Interactive Session by I Have Learned Academy - In Collaboration with KAS - Konrad Adenauer Stiftung German organization in Beirut

Elections in Lebanon are allotted to occur every four years. Every citizen is allowed to vote, but the positions are constitutionally allocated by religious affiliation. In 2014, the Parliament failed to elect a president and extended its own term.

In this session we will discuss:
ركائر النظام الديمقراطي
Pillars of electoral systems

ركائز صياغة قانون انتخابي
Pillars of drafting an electoral law

معايير اساسية تؤمن المباديء العامة لأي انتخابات
The basic standards that secure the general principles in elections

تداعيات إستخدام إحدى النظم الانتخابية وموجباته
The ramifications of using one of the electoral systems and its requirements

أنواع القوائم الانتخابية
Types of electoral lists

أشكال القوائم الانتخابية
Forms of electoral lists

النظم الإنتخابية (الأكثري، النسبي)
Electoral systems (majority and proportional)

فاعلية كل من النظامين الاكثري والنسبي و أثر كل نظام على الاحزاب السياسية
The effectiveness of both the majority and the proportional systems, and the effect of each system on political parties

العازل الانتخابي
Polling booth

الورقة البيضاء
Blank ballot paper

العتبة الانتخابية و الحاصل الانتخابي في النظام النسبي
Electoral threshold and electoral quotient

الدائرة الانتخابية

محاذير إعتماد دوائر انتخابية متعددة التمثيل
The caveats of adopting multi-representation electoral districts

جدول حجم تمثيل القوى السياسية في انتخابات 2018
Table of the size of the representation of political forces in the elections

Speaker's Bio

Assem Chaya is the founder and president of "Advanced Democracy for Sustainable Peace”
association - AD4Peace, which was established in 2015. AD4Peace focuses on developing
political systems, especially democracy based on people’s mentalities and background, to
create sustainable peace through good governance.
Chaya has gained Diploma in Political and Administrative Sciences. He has been active in a number of non-governmental organizations since 1995 on human rights, especially children
rights and youth participation. He has also been a researcher and lecturer specialized in
electoral systems since 2002. However, Chaya suggested an electoral law proposal to Minister Botros’ Committee in 2005. Besides, he has been an expert in training and management of Lebanese and Arab election monitoring since 2009, from which he participated in training Tunisian NGOs on the management electoral monitoring in 2011. He
also served as an international observer in Tunisia's legislative and presidential elections in
2014 & 2019. UNESCO selected him in 2014 as an accredited trainer for Dialogue for Peace.
Recently in 2018, he had published the "Comprehensive Guide to the Electoral System" in
Arabic Language, which was translated into English. On May 2018, he was part of the EU
Delegation team to monitor the Lebanese Parliamentarian Elections. On May 16, He wrote
an article in Al-Nahar newspaper analyzing the weaknesses and gaps resulted from the Lebanese electoral law 44/2017 and it implementation, providing all means to help improve
and reform it which can ensure proper representation and fair distribution of seats.
In a nutshell, Chaya has been working as consultant to international and local organizations and coach on many skills, including: Leadership Skills, Dismantling Conflicts, Advocacy and Good Governance. He has experience in several areas, including: Human Resources
Management, Banking, Insurance and Marketing. He has university research on tax justice, mismanagement and other research.
In brief, Assem Chaya is:
- A Lebanese Political critic and observer; Consultant for NGOs;
- Independent and neutral, does not belong to any political party;
- Volunteer with the Lebanese Red Cross between 1995 and 2001;
- And currently working on electoral education, raising democratic awareness, and training on dismantling conflict and reducing delinquency towards extremism of Lebanese and Syrian youth and children.

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This session is part of the Free Online Series Program done by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with KAS - Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung: "Innovation & Think Tank Sessions for a better Lebanon"

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