Faces & Characters: Morphopsychology Workshop at I Have Learned Academy

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I Have Learned Academy, Highway of Mirna Chalouhi (Bauchrieh - Sin El Fil Highway), Street nbr 2 - Bldg 1140, Bloc B - 5th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


6:00 pm


9:00 pm

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Faces & Characters: Morphopsychology Essentials Workshop at I Have Learned Academy

Morpho psychology is the analysis and study of the facial morphology, used for personality evaluations.
Because everyone is good at something, morpho psychology is not a tool to discriminate or to rank people. We don’t mean to judge people, but rather to understand what makes their personality unique.
The applications of morpho psychology are numerous and especially consistent for a competency assessment, career orientation or during a personal development process. Every counseling or coaching activity could then benefit from it.

- Objectives :
. understand how other people think and why they behave the way they do and not take it personally
. have more compassion and understanding for everyone in your life

- What you will learn:
. history of morpho psychology and the Art of physiognomy
. the personalities behind the concept of the 5 elements
. divisions of face and meaning
. using morpho psychology at work : how to improve sales figures or . business negotiations by knowing how to approach your prospect and what s important to them

- Requirements
An open mind
A photo of you or small mirror

- Target audience:
. Anyone who is dealing with people and wants to understand them better
. Anyone who needs to communicate more effectively
. Sales people
. Educators
. Counsellors
. Therapists
. Managers
. Anyone in authority
. Families
. Business people
. Everyone!

A great timing for this workshop at Halloween !

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