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Tuesday, January 11, 2022


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Finding your Meaning & Purpose with Logotherapy Online Program with I Have Learned Academy

Finding your Meaning & Purpose with Logotherapy
Online Workshop at I Have Learned Academy
11, 18 & 25 January from 6 to 9 pm

During the workshop, we will assess your current purpose, status, explore various aspects of the importance of Meaning and Purpose in life, go through the guideposts and practicalities of Meaning
And Purpose discovery. we will also
explore how to find Meaning in challenges.

Session 1: Introduction to Logotherapy
 Introduction To Logotherapy
 Logotherapy Tenets and Principles
 Importance of Meaning and Purpose in Life
 Assessment of current purpose status
 Correct insights about Meaning, Purpose, Values and Goals
 Evaluate if the process of discovery ends
 What is the Existential Vacuum? How to avoid it and/or deal with it?

Session 2: Meaning And Purpose Discovery
 The main elements for finding Meaning and Purpose
 Explore how to reach Meaning authentically
 Explore how to undergo a Meaningful fulfilled life
 Possibilities and Realities
 Success and Fulfillment

Session 3: Meaning Purpose And Well being / Meaning In Challenges
 The danger of a life exempt from Meaning
 Happiness, Pleasure and Balance, are they the way for wellbeing?
 The “Healthy Tension"
 Assess if Meaning is available in challenges; how to reach it and
live it?
 Explore the “Challenge Triad” and each of its parts
 Evaluate if we chained when a challenge arise or are we free
 Explore how to transcend challenges into triumphs

Each session includes:

  - Visual presentation

  - Practical Exercises

  - Interactive reflections and discussions

  - Assignments

  - Personal feedback on assignments

  - Important leave-with points

  - Logotherapy readings

You will also receive an Accredited Certification, granted upon the completion of the workshop.

Trainer Bio

Daliya Zgheib, Logotherapist, is the Founder of LOGOTHERAPY
MENA - The First and Official Logotherapy Institution In The
MENA Region. She is Graduate and Member of The Viktor
Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Texas, USA. The institute is an
Accredited Member Institution of the International Association
of Logotherapy And Existential Analysis At The Viktor Frankl
Institute, Vienna.
With the vision and dream to make Logotherapy and Existential
Analysis (LTEA) available officially in the MENA region, Daliya
founded LOGOTHERAPY MENA, a Meaning Centered
Institution, which Primary Cause is to Help People Find
Meaning and Purpose. LTEA is developed by worldwide known
psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Viktor Frankl and known as The
Third Viennoise School Of Psychotherapy.
The vision of the institute is to build communities and
empower individuals to undergo a fulfilled life primarily
anchored on Meaning.
It has the Mission to spread the philosophy, teachings and
practices of LTEA in the MENA region reaching all the sectors of
the community.
Her Mottos:
“ I Am Here On Purpose For A Purpose ”
“ When You Look Back, Make Sure It Was Worth Living "

Booking information

- Investment is only 490$ for the full program (at the rate of the bank only) - 1$ = 5000 LL

Tickets can be booked online on Ihjoz:‍Payment in LBP is also accepted

And Offline from Malik's Bookshop any branch, Khoury Home.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

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