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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


6:30 pm


8:00 pm

Beirut/Lebanon Time

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HR Trends of 2021 - A Discussion with Tom Haak (HR Trend Institute) by I Have Learned Academy

Tom Haak is the director of the international HR Trend Institute.

Randa and Tom will talk about the trends that will have an impact on HR in 2021.

Some of the topics they will cover:

- The importance of personalization

- Building resilience in people and organizations.

- What can other countries learn from Lebanon?

- Ethical leadership of HR

- The future of the HR Business Partner model

There will be ample time for questions and answers. You are welcome to submit your questions to Tom upfront

Here you can find the 11 HR trends for 2021 that we will discuss in our session:

1. Ethical leadership

2. The search for the anti-fragile personality

3. Goodbye HR Business Partner

4. The Hybrid Office

5. Increasing risk of detachment

6. Skill mapping: looking for adjacent skills

7. More nudging than policing

8. The Personal User Guide

9. Digital tracking/ The return of Big Brother

10. VR breakthrough

11. All leaders are coaches?

Watch the video by Tom Haak about the HR Trends of 2021 here:

Join us to discuss the above trends and ask your questions to Tom!

Speakers Bio

More about Tom Haak:

Tom Haak is Director of the HR Trend Institute, which he founded in 2014.

Tom follows, detects and encourages trends. In the people and organisation domain and in related areas. Where possible, the institute is also a trend setter.Tom has an extensive experience in HR Management in multinational companies. He worked in senior HR positions at Fugro, Arcadis, Aon, KPMG and Philips Electronics. Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR, HR tech and how organisations can benefit from trend shifts. Tom is seen as one of the leading European and global HR thought leaders.

More about Randa Farah:

Randa is the founder of I Have Learned Academy (School of Life) and (Calendar for Events), as well as a Certified Trainer, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Happiness at Work & University Instructor.

She studied Business, HR Management & Organizational Psychology and has more than 14 years of experience in HR in various industries.

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