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Thursday, July 29, 2021


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Keys to earn more money with Digital Media - Free Online Session With Saradar Bank - powered by I Have Learned Academy

I Have Learned Academy & Saradar Bank launched a series of online sessions to offer the audience 2 free educational talks every month.
Please note that registration is free and mandatory. Limited places available.

How to monetize your online content? What is a digital marketing strategy? And why can it help companies grow exponentially?

• Monetizing Digital Content and Attention as a Currency
• If You’re Not Paying for it, You’re The Product
• Types of Digital Content Monetization
• Social Media Organic Content Monetization
• Digital Media Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• The Future of Digital Marketing?
• How to build a digital marketing strategy?
• What’s a message board?
• Best tools to create content
• Overcoming the challenges of content creation
• Evolution of Digital Media
• Monetize digital content versus paid ads

About the Speaker

Roy Abdo is a digital marketer, storyteller and creative strategist; he specializes in brand strategies, personalization, and activation. He has worked in the digital ecosystem for several verticals (media, financial services, retail, and user behavior). Roy is an entrepreneur that has completed his studies at the Lebanese American University in business and finance and then moved to the USA for another bachelor degree in business finance and marketing In Johns Hopkins University. He kicks off with his major by connecting the dots between broadcasting on TV and engaging on social media with the MBN, to later move on to consultancy and teaching. Besides being a professor of marketing and advertising at several universities, he is a founder of a marketing agency based in the USA, Dubai, and Lebanon. His company Digital revamp is now handling the marketing strategy for high-end clients such as SHRM, Gallup, ADC and several worldwide companies.
This talk is powered by I Have Learned Academy.

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