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Know Yourself Online Program ONLINE Interactive Workshop at I Have Learned Academy 4 May to 10 June 2020 2 hours per week group sessions, and weekly home assignments and reflections

Immerse yourself in self-discovery with this unique 6 weeks program including live group sessions, private session, follow-up session, psychometric tests, home assignments and much more!

Socrates summed it up in just two words: “Know Yourself”.
To know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

It is difficult to understand who we really are:
- How we see ourselves vs how the world sees us
- What do we really want
- How we feel and why we react as we do
- Why we do some choices
- How do we deal with conflicts
- What do we know and do not know about ourselves
- Why do we feel this way
- Why are we attracted to these types of people
- Why we keep repeating the same thing / same patterns
- And much more...

This lack of self-knowledge can cause us problems: it may get us into the wrong relationships, pick unsatisfying jobs or spend money unwisely.

Go into this discovery of self-knowledge to understand yourself better especially on the 3 below plans:
- Personal
- Relational
- Professional

At the end of the program you will:
- Understand who you really are
- Discover better your strengths and weaknesses
- Know the difference between your ego and your real self
- Realize the importance of your subconscious vs conscious
- Know better your taste, your personality, your preferences
- Discover the unconscious self-sabotage you may be doing
- Assess your Emotional Intelligence and Positive Intelligence levels
- Understand the patterns in your relationships and choices
- Discover your love language or how you express and understand love
- Understand your challenges with others and why they happen
- Detect Conflict Management Style
- Understand better your weakness and strengths on the professional and personal level
- Know how you are dealing with other people at work & in your personal life

The course will include 5 group sessions, 1 one-to-one session, 1 follow-up session, 8 tests, home assignments and a self-discovery booklet and a full-time support on-demand.

You will surely discover a lot about who you are and this will help you achieve and attract what you really want in life.

Schedule is as per below:
- Week 1: Monday 4 May 2020 from 6 to 8 pm + weekly individual assignments & reflections
- Week 2: Monday 11 May 2020 from 6 to 8 pm + weekly individual assignments & reflections
- Week 3: Monday 18 May 2020 from 6 to 8 pm + weekly individual assignments & reflections
- Week 4: Monday 25 May 2020 from 6 to 8 pm + weekly individual assignments & reflections
- Week 5: One-to-one session on the week of 1 to 9 June
- Week 6: Wednesday 10 June 2020 from 6 to 8 pm + weekly individual assignments & reflections

Places are limited so book now!

Trainer Bio

Randa Farah in an HR Specialist, Organisational Psychologist,
Master NLP Practitioner.Certified Trainer from the UK,
Certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark,
Stress management & personal growth specialist,
Founder of I Have Learned Academy (School of Life) & (Calendar of Events) and University Instructor at USJ.
She has more than 14 years of experience in the field of HR & soft skills training and worked with big corporations in various fields and industries.
She holds 3 university degrees; Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology and Business - Advertising & Marketing.
Randa ensures to have a rich content in her workshops, an interactive approach and encourages out of the box thinking.
Her moto is: Do what you love… Love what you do!

Booking information

Tickets for the online sessions:
- Investment is only 298$ or 477 000 LL
6 weeks program and reflection assignments
8 tests
5 group sessions
1 follow-up session
1 private one-to-one coaching session
A self-discovery workbook
Daily continuous support by email or whatsapp during the 6 weeks
2 mini-sessions of 15 min guidance call to use when needed

Tickets can be booked online on Ihjoz:
(you can use any credit or debit card in $ or LBP):

And Offline from Malik's Bookshop any branch, Khoury Home.

Booking ahead is a must, places are limited.

This is the best time to introspect especially after the Corona outbreak!

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