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Le Royal Hotel - Beirut, Leisure Hills Complex- Dbayeh, Dbayeh

Saturday, January 18, 2020


9:00 am


7:00 pm

Beirut/Lebanon Time

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NLP Master practitioner workshop Certified by The American Union Of NLP (AUNLP) I Have Learned Academy

Welcome to the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP is the art of communication and the science of human excellence. In this seminar you will widen your vision and your knowledge. You will discover your inner powers and learn how to use them on a daily basis.

NLP Master Practitioner Seminar provides in depth training on NLP and techniques.

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification

At the end of the seminar, a written test will result in certification from AUNLP (The American Union of NLP) for the successful participants.

The seminar is in two parts, one is theory and explanation of the NLP and in depth techniques, understanding of the human behavior and the mind wiring. The other part is all about practice, so that the participants can gain hands on experience during the training, and can see and put into action all they have learned during the seminars.

The seminar will cover the following content:
Sensory Acuity
Kinesthetic, Auditory, Visual
Meta Programs
Contemplative / Action-Oriented
In time / Through time
Independent / Team player
Once / Several Times
General / Specific
Matching / Mismatched
Internal / External
Toward / Away from
Meta Program Exercise
Time line therapy, Time line discovery, Time line changes, Time line meanings, Time line movements , Timeline For Success, Time line combination , Time line and other techniques side by side
Information Gathering
Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise
Success Track
Personal Trance Words
Magic Words
Kinesthetic Swish Exercise
Motivational Metaprograms
Logical Levels, Logical Levels Exercise
Words to Avoid
Swish Pattern Exercises, Computer Swish
The More the More Pattern
Analog Marking
Embedded Commands, Commands
Anchoring Exercise
The Don’t Pattern
Zip Technique
Compulsion Blow Out
Nested Loops
Accelerated Learning
Meta Programs
Sub-Modality Distinctions
States (eliciting, anchoring, etc.)
Buying Decision Rules
Language Directions
Belief Systems Exercise
Time-Released Commands
Softening Phrases
The Stop Pattern
Forced Choice
Auto Pilot to Success
Sliding Anchors
Drop Down Through Technique
Healing States of the Masters
Eye Movement
Hammer Exercise
Virginia Satir Patterns
Virginia Satir – Flex
By-pass Words
Awareness Pattern
Temporal Pattern
Spatial Pattern
Cause & Effect Pattern
Meta Model Introductions
Language Patterns
At the end of the seminar, participants will get a week to review all the information. In conclusion, there will be a written test, which participants must pass in order to get certified by the American Union of NLP. (AUNLP).

Trainer's Bio:
The workshop is delivered by Master trainer Jihad Abou Zeid,
Author of End of PTSD era using NLP, the new generation and NLP
geometric techniques - Shape your feelings

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