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Metaverse Basics: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & NFTs Online interactive Workshop by I Have Learned Academy with International speakers

Start your blockchain journey in the metaverse and create your first NFTs

Learn to build your wallet and invest in Crypto!

The Metaverse is the opportunity for the future!

In this program you will learn:

- What is the Metaverse

- Web 3.0 and how your experience on the internet will change

- What is Blockchain Technology and how to start your journey in it

- Cryptocurrencies and all the different digital currencies

- How to invest in Crypto

- Safety and security tips

- Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs

The course will have 5 sessions:

Session 1- Introduction to Metaverse, Blockchain & Web 3.0 - Rudy Chouchany
Session 2 - Digital currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Crypto - Bruno Ver
Session 3- NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens - Bruno Ver
Session 4- Starting your journey in the crypto world (setup wallet, Security tips, etc) - Rudy Chouchany
Session 5- Investing in Cryptocurrencies - Bobby Henebry

Trainers Bios

Bruno Ver

Bruno is a Belgian serial entrepreneur, investor & Blockchain expert.

He is the Co-Founder & CEO of, leading company worldwide in NFT.

He is an experienced serial entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, investor (VC) with 2 exits under 25 and a demonstrated history of working in the digital world and tech scene. Skilled in networking, relationship building, sales, management, business development and venture building.

After selling his startup in Silicon Valley, Bruno joined a sub-ticket in Snapchat and founded Block 5, a VC fund in Miami.

Bruno is passionate about NFTs and the Metaverse and loves to share his knowledge and experience as a Keynote Speaker all over the world.


Rudy Shouchany

Rudy has a wide experience in Information Technology Field in the financial sector with over 21 years of experience which gives him the ability in aiding organizations. His specialty Fintrch, ICT Governance, Compliance, Strategies, emerging technologies, and Blockchain. Rudy is a Certified professional with many achievements and awards skilled in executive leadership. He has been an active speaker, Board Member, coach and mentor for Fintech startups. Rudy was Lately selected as top 50 Global Thought leader and Influencer. Rudy is a member of Forbes Technology Council.

Bobby Henebry

Bobby will be joining us live from USA!
He is a CFA holder, entrepreneur, investor, speaker, musician, facilitator, and passionate helper of people the world over!
He currently holds three entrepreneurial roles…. Partner at DM Capital (value investment manager), founder of Chord Savvy (music education and entertainment platform), and founder of an education and speaking business that covers the topics of blockchain/cryptocurrencies and separately Reinventing Yourself as an Entrepreneur in the Digital Age. On the subject of blockchain, Bobby was an early adopter of mining cryptocurrencies in 2016 through his company, HBCC, and went on to work with a number of startups in the space, which eventually led to speaking around the world.
Previously, he was a partner at SeaBridge Investment Advisors, advising wealthy individuals and family offices globally. Bobby earned a mechanical engineering degree and MBA, both from Georgia Tech. He is an SIBF Leadership Academy grad, and is highly active as a facilitator in the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) and Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance (CELA), and a mentor in the Global Good Fund (GGF). Bobby has traveled to 55 countries, always bringing his guitar with him!

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