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I Have Learned Academy, Highway Mirna Chalouhi (Bauchrieh - Sin El Fil Highway), Street nbr 2, Bldg 1140, Bloc B, 5th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


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Modern Time Management Skills. Workshop at I Have Learned Academy. How to gain time & get things done.

In today’s modern and fast life rhythm, the increasing pressure to achieve makes Time Management a vital skill to learn. To achieve the results we want in all areas of life, we need to learn how to work effectively and efficiently.

Course description:
In this three hour practical workshop you will get introduced to the best practices of Time Management from various schools, studies and experts tools.
The workshop is designed to cover the best strategies to set priorities, stay organized delegate, control paperwork and time eaters and focus on key issues.
Also, we will cover the tech tools you can use to optimize your Time Management Skills and how technology can serve you instead of waste your time.

You will learn how to:
- Assess your current personal practices
- Get and stay organized
- Detect and combat time wasters
- Set priorities: First things first
- Control paper work and administrative tasks
- Work with other people and delegating
- Using technology to serve you

- Mixture of theory and practice with a hands-on participatory approach
- Individual practice and tools to use after the workshop

Target & Logistics details
- Designed for all levels, especially targeted to any person looking to be more efficient and manage better their time and priorities in daily personal and professional life

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