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NLP Practitioner Training - The New Generation of NLP Certified by the International Union Of NLP (IUNLP) in the UK LIVE INTERACTIVE COURSE 6 sessions Dates: Feb 18/25 Mar 3/10 – 2024 - (4 days of in-person training in a five stars hotel) Mar 17/24 – 2024 (2 days of Zoom training)

The New Generation of NLP


6 days extensive training on accessing the power of your subconscious mind.

Are you interested in improving your life at all levels?

Do you want to be able to earn more?

Are you depressed or anxious and want to be happy and stress free?

Do you want to overcome your limiting beliefs?

Are you interested in having a loving and close relationship with your partner, family, or loved ones?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you.

A life changing course, that allows you to achieve success at all levels in your life at will. A course that will help you improve the quality of your life, as well as helping others do the same.

Don't Miss Out! Book your place now and take the first steps to designing the life you deserve.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unlimited success, happiness, and personal growth! A 6 day course that will take you on a journey of life discovery. The course is for 6 full days, over 6 weeks, and it will teach you how to access your mind’s power to control your life and achieve whatever you desire. All the resources are within your grasp. The course will show you how to access all your mind assets at will, and how to consciously dive into your subconscious mind. You will discover what is stopping you from getting what you want and will be able to remove these blocks and become an achiever. Sometimes it is just a word implanted in your subconscious mind as a child or a false belief that has been programmed into your inner brain while growing up. Learn how to discover these stopping blocks and how to change them to serve you best.

1. If you are thinking that this is“too good to be true ”Well, it is another limiting belief YES, it is “Too Good AND True”

Book your place now and take the first steps to designing the life youdeserve. A world of endless possibilities. You’ll find out your inner fears, and will easily overcome them. You’ll also discover your strengths, and learn how to use them to your advantage. Discover your purpose in life and how to fulfill it. Do you have a target? Learn how to set your targets and how to achieve them. Are you traumatized by past events in your life? During this course, you will learn how to neutralize the traumas and be able to live anormal happy life. All this and more is possible in the 6 day course. You will not only go on a journey of self discovery, you will also be able to help others on their journey by the time you finish the course. You will not find this course anywhere else, you will get certified from the UK by the International Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and will be able to take this new learning and discipline to an advanced level if you choose to.

This course called: “THE NEW GENERATION OF NLP” is a very advanced form of NLP and mind discovery with more than 50 new techniques to access and use your mind’s power.

Your mind is capable of amazing feats, and all that capability is at the subconscious level. This course will show you how to access your subconscious mind and unleash all the powers and strengths available to you. You will be able to achieve anything that you set your mind to. It is like breaking thechains that are keeping you from achieving success. This is the right time to break the chains and set your life free. Free to achieve success, more money, find love, improve relationships, communicate better, conquer your fears, get that dream job, whatever you desire, can be yours once you know how

The New Generation of NLP will show you how to access your brain and use its power. It’s not just a dream – it’s within your reach with “The New Generation of NLP” course!

What will you learn in this course:
- Intro about NLP when, where, and how it started
- Comparison between the traditional and the New generation of NLP
- How the brain works
- The revolutionary CSFTP that made a quantum leap in the NLP field
- The differences between psychology, hypnotherapy, and NLP the New generation
- You will be face to face with the real resistant part inside the brain which is surprisingly neither the conscious nor the subconscious mind
- How patterns and behaviors are formulated
- The true meaning of rapport
- The advanced MetaModel with elaborating the magical structure inside it
- Advanced submodalities change
- Punching bag technique
- Dough technique
- Reshaping technique
- Rematerializing technique
- Breath opener
- Body blocks removal
- The plan
- The advanced timeline
- Timelines directions
- Timelines meanings
- Timelines fixing
- Timeline preparation where all techniques take place
- Timeline cleansing techniques
- Timeline landing
- Timeline circulating
- Future pacing day dream
- The real future-past-present simulation
- The real meaning of breaking the state
- Déjà vu technique
- Moon technique
- Advanced future pacing (Feelings meter technique - Present, future, future reversed, present)
- Matching mismatching technique
- Baby steps technique (cleaning the timeline a year after another)
- Next order technique
- Under the spot technique
- Balloon lock technique
- Fast phobia cure or rewind technique
- Visual squash
- Six steps reframing
- Framing
- Reframing
- Anchoring
- Resourceful anchoring
- Chaining anchoring
- Grid technique
- Circle of excellence
- Eye accessing cues
- Representational systems
- NLP presuppositions
- NLP frames
- New behavior generator
and many more

Most importantly:
Learn how to do an NLP session from A to Z. In this course you will learn how to initiate a full session to start a new career.
- The preparation
- The plan
- The execution
- The ending of the process

Trainer's Bio:
The training is delivered by an expert in the field and Master trainer in NLP
Author of End of PTSD era using NLP, the new generation and NLP
geometric techniques - Shape your feelings

Jihad Abouzeid is the founder of the International Union of NLP - IUNLP in the UK and creator of the ATH (Advanced Time Healing), and developer of the new Generation Of NLP, that proved to be very powerful in NLP work.

A public Speaker and a private Success and achievement coach, and NLP coach.

He is also an International Advisor at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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or as a facility in payment 375$ x 4 payments (The last payment is due on the last training day)

Includes Training days, materials, follow-up sessions, Certification from the IUNLP,

Lunch and coffee breaks on live training days

Contact OR WhatsApp +961.3.614493

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