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Tuesday, November 24, 2020


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Plant from Home & grow your own vegetables Free Online Panel Discussion organized by I Have Learned Academy Part of the Free Online Series Program: "Toolkit for Life in crisis times & after Covid-19"

In this panel, we will host guests in various fields who will tell us everything we need to know and discover about Planting from Home!

You can now grow your own vegetables in your garden or balcony, all you need is some tips to learn how to do it well and efficiently!

Speakers Info:

- Marc El Beyrouthy - Nature by Marc Beyrouthy
General Manager of Nature by Marc Beyrouthy
Anchor – MTV Lebanon
Formal Advisor to the Minister of Environment in charge of biodiversity, eco-tourism, and sorting from source Agricultural engineer, PHD
Since then, he has authored and coauthored several scientific publications and Lectured in the fields of agriculture, environment, medicinal plants, biological activities of essential oils, microbiology, ethnopharmacology, adulteration and authentication of plants and spices.
Lecturer at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and former head of Agricultural Sciences Department.
In addition to that, he has more than 1400 TV appearances and he is an anchor in a daily popularized scientific TV show “Nature” at MTV - Lebanon.

- Marie-Lina Hraoui - Vertigreau
Sector: Hydroponic Technology and Agriculture
By putting research and experiments in plant nutrition, Moussa El Khoury (mechanical engineer || water treatment || management) & Marie-Lina Hraoui (doctor in pharmacy || molecular biology || Hraoui Laboratories) have founded few years ago Vertigreau, an environment friendly company specialized in hydroponic technology, vertical agriculture and smart mini eco-systems for home use. The aim of Vertigreau is to create a new concept of agriculture by making healthy gardening accessible to all, regardless of where they live. Users will have the opportunity to grow edible home made fresh vegetables/fruits, as well as decorative flowers. Vertigreau is offering a full agricultural service by transforming agriculture into artistic and smart pieces providing customers with a professional hydroponic system for personal use.

- Nicolas Gholam - Ardi Ardak
Outreach & Operations of the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit in the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut; as well as cofounder of 2 startups: Karya for rural and experiential tourism and Mawsam, an online market place for small scale producer.
Under a project call Ardi Ardak, we are helping people to plant their balconies and roofs by providing seeds, seedlings and technical direction, as well as helping people who abandoned their lands to re-invest in them by providing assessments and feasibilities, as many arable lands aren’t being used which creates a deficit to the local and circular economy.

- Marc Aoun - Compost Baladi
will discuss in this training methods of composting at home and in the backyard and will cover what can and cannot be composted, how to manage the process and how to use your compost on your plant or garden.
Marc Aoun is the CEO/General Manager of Compost Baladi SAL
He is an environmental scientist who graduated from the University of Utah in the USA and following that worked in the water development department at UN- ESCWA. Marc also gained invaluable knowledge in the field as he worked with national private consulting firms on quantifying pollution source for surface water in Lebanon and solid waste management projects in Lebanon. In 2017, Marc became the Co-Founder/General Manager of Compost Baladi SAL; a company that provides waste management solutions for residential, commercial and municipal establishments. In addition to that, Marc is also the Founder/General Manager of CubeX since 2019; a home scale wastewater and solid waste treatment system that allows households to process all of their organic waste on site effortlessly and recover useful resources out of them. Throughout his academic and professional career in sustainable agricultural practices, Marc has gained invaluable field experiences and has worked and trained in controlled environment agriculture, recirculating watering systems and zero-waste projects. Also, through a study experience in Central America, Marc explored and accomplished a wide expertise in sustainable land, water, waste and energy management methods.

- Walid Saadeh - Hydroponics
Agricultural Engineer at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik.
Owner of a family business: agricultural establishment in North Lebanon that works in several agricultural fields (seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides ...) and on several projects (greenhouses, plains in Akkar, as well as Agricultural hills in Koura, Ehden, Denniyeh, Akkar and some in the Bekaa).
Walid entered the field of hydroponics about two years ago, because of a personal belief that the world is coming to overpopulation, and we only have this way to secure our food security.
He established a startup specialized in installing hydroponic systems in greenhouses, rooftops, balconies, and even inside rooms without the sun. This company is on the market . Walid participated in many competitions, including the creativity competition of the American University of Beirut, as well as a competition from Babson University, the first American in entrepreneurship, and he won several prizes.

The session is moderated by Randa Farah, founder of I Have Learned Academy &

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This session is organized by I Have Learned Academy, part of a program named: Toolkit for life in crisis times & after COVID-19.
This program is done by I Have Learned Academy in collaboration with the US Embassy in Beirut.

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