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Online Workshop with I Have Learned Academy & Saradar Bank

Thursday, June 4, 2020


4:00 pm


5:30 pm

Beirut/Lebanon Time

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Purifying, Sanitizing & Disinfecting your Body and Home Naturally. Free Online Interactive Session. With Saradar Bank powered by I Have Learned Academy.

Saradar bank in collaboration with I Have Learned Academy are launching a series of online sessions.

Please note that registration is free and mandatory. Limited places available.

Purifying your Body and Home Naturally
In this session you will learn:
- How to disinfect and sterilize using natural products
- Cleaning your house and all surfaces: floor, furniture, etc
- Cleaning the atmosphere and air of your house and office
- How to clean the items you get from the supermarket
- Cleaning food items and vegetables
- Cleaning and disinfecting your body without chemicals
- Disinfecting your shoes, bags and clothes after going out
- Practical tips to avoid contamination

Trainer Bio

Dr Nicole Bou Khalil is a pharmacist, Aromatherapist and natural dermocosmetic specialist. She earned her diploma in Aromatherapy and Medicinal plants from France. She is specialized in Clinical Aromatherapy in London, UK. She earned her doctorate in Pharmacy from St Joseph University, Beirut.
Her scope of practice extends to the natural skincare as she is a specialist in Natural Dermocosmetics. She also holds a Master in Public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics).
Dr. Nicole believes in the holistic approach of the human being. Her mission is to raise awareness on the benefits of aromatherapy, essential oils and complementary medicine.
In her pharmacy she makes personalized blends for her patients and counsels them about aromatherapy, wellness, medicinal plants and natural skin care.

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Please note that registration is free and mandatory. Limited places available.

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