Self-Leadership in Difficult Times live session with Michael KOULY

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Gefinor Rotana Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


5:30 pm


9:30 pm

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EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA LOCK-DOWN 2ND WAVE - SELF-LEADERSHIP IN DIFFICULT TIMES Without Self-Leadership, Life will crush you A live session with Michael Kouly!

An event in collaboration with I Have Learned Academy

How to survive and grow when you become surrounded by increasing challenges and difficulties.

An intensive leadership experience with Michael Kouly

We live in most exceptional times. As the saying goes, it doesn’t rain, it pours. All kinds of hardships - economic, financial, professional, business, social, relational, political, security, health, personal... are all coming together at the same time like a perfect storm.
Even the strongest among us need guidance, insights and encouragement on how to deal with all this pressure so that we continue our journey of survival and even growth inspite of the difficulties.
Those who are not equipped with a sprit of self leadership will not make it, at least without deep personal or professional scars.

The good news is that we can make it, but we have to tap into our hidden potential of strength so that we can make it.

The full version of this experience is a most intensive four day “simulation” that has been called the most unique leadership program in the world. However, in view of the current conditions in Lebanon, Michael Kouly has designed a special half a day program with an exceptionally affordable tuition so that the maximum number of people can attend and benefit from this rare and most needed eye-opening opportunity.

You will gain a deeper understanding of:
- Yourself as a person
- Your actual strengths  
- Your blind spots
- Your potential to successfully deal with and overcome the current and future difficulties.
- Your ability to demonstrate strength and inspire people around you at home and work.
- The mindset needed to think with intelligence and wisdom and to make the right decisions under high levels of strength.
- How to create opportunities in a state of hopelessness

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is interested in leading themselves towards strength, resilience and self awareness, power and success. So, if you want to be inspired by your own potential and also inspire people around you and become their source of strength, this unique experience is definitely for you.

We commit to creating and delivering a remarkable experience. You, however, must also commit to believing in yourself and your worthiness and to investing in your learning and in the formation of a brighter future in these dark times.

An experience not to be missed!

About Michael Kouly
Three-time CEO. Best-selling Author. Speaker. Executive Educator. Advisor. Harvard & Princeton scholar. World Bank Fellow.

Author of 10 books on global leadership & growth strategies, with 32 years as top executive & CEO with Reuters, Orbit-OSN-Mediagates, and Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership - in 22 countries.

Chairman, Board Member, and senior member of several organizations in the US, Asia, Middle East and Central Eurasia.

Former Reuters war journalist covering various wars. Writer and scholar of leadership, strategy, policy-making and international business at Harvard, Princeton and other universities.

Currently the President and CEO of Cambridge Institute for Global Leadership (CIGL) - an advisory body and Think Tank that grew out of the study and research of its founders at Harvard and Princeton universities.

Advisor to heads or states, governments, and boards of directors.

Grand Juror at UAE President's Government Excellence Award for top government officials.
Grand Juror at Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Leadership Excellence Award.

Books by Michael Kouly
- How to Trump the Enemy: Strategies for Trumping Your Leadership Opponents
- Finding Your Hummus: Discover your personal and organizational purpose
- Beyond Strategy: Leading Your Organization To Remarkable Growth
- Forget Happiness: Seven Steps to a Fulfilled Life
- If I Didn't Give A .... I would...

“The impact that Michael Kouly did in Omantel is nothing short of Magic.”
CEO- Omantel - Sheikh Talal Said Marhoon Al Mamari

“Michael Kouly is one of those exceptional people; Michael’s integrity, humanity and complete conviction that we as individuals can make the world a better place, set him apart.
Michael’s first class academic credentials combined with his own leadership skills make him a masterful teacher.”
Joyce Hayes (Harvard University) Mission Operations NASA

“The Leadership simulation is a real eye opener on yourself, others and the system. It is a tough, intense but truly rewarding life time experience.”
Ludo Toulemonde General Manager Nestle

“I found ME in me. After attending numerous trainings and courses, I thought I knew exactly what leadership really meant. Until, I attended the Simulation, which turned my professional and personal life upside down.
Get ready for the deep dive into yourself to know your patterns and your strengths, and therefore become a better leader.”
Mari Chirinashvili Regional Manager - Central Europe and CIS Regions, Flydubai Airlines

“The simulation on Leadership by Michael Kouly is as advertised, life changing and an awakening to the psychology of leadership.”
Youssef Salloum HR Director Goodyear

“I have attended leadership courses in my academic and professional career, but nothing compared to this Simulation. During the 4-days, every session was more amazing, intense and deeper than the previous. The simulation triggered my mind, shivered my body and touched my soul. It took me to a new level and dimension in my professional and personal thinking. ”
Bassem Sabra - Regional Brand Manager, Pepsico

“ The top officials of the Ministry of Education that attended Michael's Leadership Simulation said that it was exceptional, truly unique and unlike any other program that they attended.”
Dr. Hanif Hassan Al Qassim Former Minister of Education Ministry of Education-U.A.E.

Booking information

- Regular access: (event attendance)
125$ or 375 000 LL

- VIP access:
VIP ticket: 225$ or 675 000 LL
+ voucher of 200$ as a discount for the simulation
+ 1 Book of Michael
+ 1 discount voucher of 20% for I Have Learned Academy upcoming courses
+ front seating and priority in asking questions in the event
+ private dinner on the same evening with Michael Kouly
(very limited seats for this option)

Booking can be done:
- Online on Ihjoz:
In dollars:

- Live in cash or credit card (dollars or LBP) from:
Malik's or Libanpost
Or Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque in I Have Learned Academy.


NB: All Corona measures related to social distancing and sanitizing will be respected.

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