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Thursday, October 15, 2020


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The Leaders among us... Online Interactive Panel Discussion by I Have Learned Academy In Collaboration with KAS

Leadership is not about the "Za3im" or loud celebrity who has people following him.Leadership is an act of courage, it's when an individual stands out and makes a difference in the daily life of others, letting people naturally follow the way.It's about leading by example and taking action.
The latest events in Lebanon has clearly shown that many leaders, are normal individuals like us, who decided to take a step and make a change around them.

The leaders are among us.
In this session, Randa Farah, Social Psychology & Group Dynamics Instructor at USJ, and also the founder of I Have Learned Academy & selected and will be interviewing 5 leaders among us:

- Madi Karimeh: The DJ of the Revolution who changed the vibes of Tripoli from fighting to peace
- Melissa Fathallah: Who insisted on getting the crane to continue the research of the dead people below the ruins of Mar Mikhael after the explosion
- Peter Mouracade: Who started the cleanup initiative in Beirut to keep the streets of Beirut Clean after the revolution
- Wael Lazkani: Who initiated "Matbakh El Balad" to cook for all people for free on the streets and was an example for many others to distribute food for others
- Christelle Drouby: Who led a group of young people to clean the houses of the people in Gemmayze and Mar Mikhael affected by the explosion.

The session will be an interactive panel with questions & answers from the panelists and interaction with the audience.

More about the panelists here:
- Madi Karimeh from Tripol, is the Lebanese DJ who became known as The Revolution DJ after the October revolution in the country. He has been a producer since 2010. Madi is a computer science graduate whose passion for music has come a long way since he first got into it. DJ-ing has always been his hobby and he believes music is the cure for everything, whether you’re happy or sad. Karimeh has worked in several countries other than Lebanon and aims to continue spreading positivity and energy all around the world. More about Madi here:

- Melissa Fathallah: Experienced professional in hospitality. Lebanese & American. She is an activist and revolutionary and dreams of a better Lebanon , where everyone can live harmoniously, regardless of creed, color, background, political affiliation and most importantly religion, with basic human rights and living standards . She is the founder of is “Baytna Baytak, which was launched with the outbreak of COVID, in order to protect the medical frontlines and their families . When the explosion of the port took place , “Baytna Baytak” took on a new form and responsibility in order to help affected and displaced families rebuild and regain their lives back by housing them, as well as renovating their homes.
On the night of the Gemmayze inspection site by the chilean comittee, she saw the historical building being taken down , as well as this last shimmer of hope , or a miracle, that we could hang on to. It didn’t make sense that there was a possibility of a life still underneath there, and nothing being done about it . After the citizens had taken care of the streets , the food , basically everything their fellow citizens needed , this is the one thing we could not do. So she did what she could do to help, so they don’t have an excuse to stop and insisted on getting a crane. Basically , if they had no excuses to stop , why would they?

- Peter Mouracade: Creative industry professional. Entrepreneur, leader and adventurer at heart. Peter comes from a mixed background in Management Consulting, Marketing, Communication, and Finance, and an absolute passion for Endurance Sports.
He played a pivotal leadership role throughout my work experience transforming corporate environments and generating outstanding business results. He is fueled by a quest for achievement and excellence.
Peter loves adventurous sports that push the limits of endurance; from rock climbing, mountaineering, caving and cycling. In 2010, he founded "Team Lebanon" the first All-Lebanese team to climb the world's seven summits while raising funds for the Lebanese Red Cross.

Peter is also a social activist and former paramedic volunteer in the Lebanese Red Cross emergency units. In November 2019, and in the context of the Lebanese revolution I started and structured a civic action movement called "Muwatin Lebnene" (Lebanese Citizen) aimed at providing environmental and human relief in times of national emergency. In the span of 2 months, they recycled 10.3 Tons of waste, and provided one-month rations to 1,600 families spread across several regions in the country. Following the Aug. 2020 Beirut Blast they structured a ground relief operation called the BASECAMP, a coalition of several civic movements and NGOs who have been active since day one. Over 3 weeks they provided food aid, medical relief and shelter to more than 2,000 households directly affected by the disaster.

- Wael Lazkani: Chef and Activist.
Wael has been a professional chef for over 20 years. He's travelled extensively, cooking and eating his waythrough most continents.In Beirut, he’s currently running Jai, an Asian deliverykitchen. He's also been exploring and learning rural culinarypractices in Lebanon and abroad. He's currently working on a new farm-centric restaurant and a training cooking academy. He often works with at-risk communities on food-relatedprojects.He was lucky enough to be part of matbakh el balad and cookin the streets during the october uprising. He eats too much and has never met a buffet he didn’t like.

- Christelle Drouby: An independent PR, communication and CSR consultant who graduated from USJ with a BA in translation. She also holds a BS in Political and Administrative Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the Lebanese University. Christelle’s experience centers around NGOs strategies and community development. In the past few years, she has managed and implemented more than thirty projects and campaigns with local and international organizations such as MDSF and UNHCR. Christelle has always been a very dynamic and engaged activist, relentlessly raising civic, social and political awareness and promoting effective societal change. Christelle also advocates for cardiac health and has always believed in the power of collective action and togetherness.
Following the August 4 blast in Beirut, Christelle gathered in-kind donations, called out for volunteers through her social media platforms and took to the streets in the devastated areas. She organized daily houses, offices and shops clean-ups over a period of 4 weeks but still continues to be constantly involved in different humanitarian aid and relief operations.

The session is moderated by Randa Farah:
Instructor of Social Psychology & Group Dynamics Instructor at USJ

HR Specialist, Organisational Psychologist, University Instructor.
Founder of I Have Learned Academy &
Certified Trainer from the UK, Master NLP Practitioner.
Certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark,
Stress management & personal growth specialist.

Passionate about Learning & sharing knowledge, Randa always wondered: "why do we have to learn things the hard way?"
She created the concept of “I Have Learned Academy” to let people get access to daily life skills easily and in an affordable way.
Skills that no one taught us at school or university…‍
Randa worked for many years in HR Management in various multinational companies in different industries.
She holds 3 university degrees: HR, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing.
In addition to countless certifications in various topics.
In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa is an instructor at USJ since more than 10 years in HR & Organizational Psychology Courses for Master Students.
She is also the founder of, a successful startup for all events in Lebanon, and she won many awards.
Randa is an international speaker, she spoke in conferences all over the world like Italy, Poland, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Denmark, Morocco & more.
Randa ensures to have a rich content in her workshops, an interactive approach and encourages out of the box thinking & creativity.
Her motto in life is: “Do what you love, love what you do”.

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