Tourism: Essential Pillar of the Future Lebanese Economy - Free Online Panel Discussion

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Monday, May 24, 2021


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Tourism: Essential Pillar of the Future Lebanese Economy - Free Online Panel Discussion by I Have Learned Academy In Collaboration with KAS - Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Beirut

The Tourism industry is important for the benefits it brings and due to its role as a commercial activity that creates demand and growth for many more industries. Tourism not only contributes towards more economic activities but also generates more employment, revenues and play a significant role in development.

Showcasing Lebanon as a Touristic Destination will be a main pillar to get fresh money from abroad and boost the Lebanese Economy.
In this panel we host 5 speakers:
- Anthony Rahayel - NoGarlicNoOnions
- Nada Raphael - Tourleb
- Nizar Hani - Shouf Biosphere Reserve
- Ralph Nader - Amber Consulting
- Viviane Nasr - CitySightseeing Lebanon

Moderated by Randa Farah - Founder & Manager of & I Have Learned Academy, University Instructor

About the speakers:
- Anthony Rahayel - NoGarlicNoOnions
“Lebnen #A7laBaladBel3alam” and he has been trying to prove it since 2012. Anthony Rahayel, passionate Lebanese, dental surgeon by profession, professional photographer, advocate of great food, blogger, YouTuber, influencer, startup consultant, marketing expert and TV presenter; having one aim, that is to show Lebanese and the world, “The Lebanon as not seen on TV”. He founded Lebanon’s street food market “Souk el Akel” in 2015, won the award of “World Street Food Blogger of 2019” and “World Best Expert Food Account in 2020”.Since 2012 Anthony had a goal – To uncover the real face of Lebanon, not the one that makes headlines on international television shows, but the real, the amazing, traditional and authentic Lebanon. It is that Lebanon he seeks to broadcast far and wide; A Lebanon full of life, passion and vitality, full of people who are producing the most wonderful dishes where #Le2metnaBtejma3na.NoGarlicNoOnions with its food blog (5,000 articles), Youtube channel (238,000 subscribers with 100,000 daily video views), Instagram account (214,000 organic followers), google maps (1 billion photo views) and Facebook (105,000 followers) aims to spread happiness and share joy across the globe. With every day that goes by and every discovery made and every new venture developed, the aim is to keep people connected to each other and to their roots, to make everyone smile when they discover something unique, and meet the artisans who have made our food culture... food is the international language of unity!

- Nada Raphael - Tourleb

Nada Raphael is the co-founder and CEO of Tourleb (Electrochocks SARL), a sustainable & responsible Tour Operator in Lebanon. Tourleb was created in 2013, after Nada Raphael and her associate spent 4 years on a project on Lebanon, comprising a 700-page book, documenting oral stories of how Lebanese Christians and Muslims live together, beyond political and religious divides. Tourleb is now Nada’s favorite platform to advocate for a different tourism: more inclusive, fair, and fun. And with a long experience ranging from sound engineer, communications, journalism, and photography and documentary making, Nada is able to bring more layers to classical tourism, always creating new events, and new experiences. Her goal through Tourleb is to change the tourism mentality of the Lebanese, fight prejudice about Lebanon as a country, and about some areas deemed “dangerous” or “scary”; advertise sustainable & responsible tourism while respecting people and their environments; help local communities by encouraging local small businesses; reveal different facets of the country and what it has to offer; raise awareness about the touristic and economical power of women through the country; take effective steps toward including differently abled people in the sector.

- Nizar Hani - Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Nizar is the Manager of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, renowned for the Cedars of Lebanon. Al-Shouf is one
of 15 nature reserves in Lebanon. He is also the organizer of many events and festivals. His field of expertise covers various areas like environmental issues mainly in ecotourism, guiding, management of protected areas, biodiversity conservation, environmental education and awareness such as hunting, economic plant sustainable collection, trail construction and maintenance, grazing planning and monitoring. As well as the development of communication materials for environmental issues.

- Ralph Nader - Amber Consulting

A renowned figure in the hospitality industry and regionally acclaimed trendsetter in day beach
luxury concepts, Ralph Nader completed his studies at the “École Hôtelière de Lausanne”. Upon his return to Lebanon, he developed a number of stylish hospitality projects across the country.
His ambitious endeavor drew much public appeal that ultimately gave way to his wider vision of
luxury projects. His charismatic management style was reflected in his repeatedly successful
restaurant, day beach and resort ventures in the late 90s and early 2000s. A definite pioneer in his field, his main strength lies in managing companies, leading operational teams as well as
preceding consumer needs. In 2006 Ralph created Amber Consulting, which offers a comprehensive range of specialized consulting services for hospitality projects by assisting and
helping clients in identifying new opportunities and providing comprehensive understanding of
today’s market. With the creation of Amber, Ralph re-affirmed “the need for a deep understanding of traditions and an intuition towards new trends in the global market” to be able to provide luxury living experiences. Ralph is today C.E.O of Amber Consulting S.A.L.

- Viviane Nasr - CitySightseeing Lebanon

“Founder & CEO at SAVI S.A.L.the official franchisee of CitySightseeing World's largest double-decker tour bus operator. Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry. Strong business development professional with a Certification focused in Project Management Professional - PMP from Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth after a BS of Business Science and a Certification in the Strategic Principled and Persuasive Negotiator from Yale University. Mother of 3 boys, actually students in the States, she is very attached to her roots in Lebanon and decided to stay and show the hidden gems to the World”.

- Moderator: Randa Farah - & I Have Learned Academy
Randa Farah is the founder of I Have Learned Academy & as well as a University Instructor at USJ.
Randa has an extensive track record in HR Management and Recruitment across multinationals in various industries. Her practical expertise is supported by her degrees in HR Management, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing. Her specialization is Happiness at Work, Stress and Wellness at work. In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa has been an instructor at USJ for over 10 years in HR Management & Organizational Psychology Courses for Master students. Randa is an international speaker, sharing her passion for HR, Happiness at Work & Soft Skills at conferences & trainings across Europe, The Gulf and the Middle East.‍
She is also the founder of, calendar for events, keeping Lebanon updated about all types of cultural, sports, artistic, culinary, events in Lebanon.

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