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We organize Educational Events, Workshops
and Conferences: In-House and Public, Online and Offline

For Individuals
Everyone learns differently. We support your learning journey with options from tailored coaching to workshops &  international conferences. You can choose your topics of interest ranging from intimacy & Self-development to cultural discussions & outings to globally certified workshops or one-to-one sessions. We offer face to face or Online participation.

For Corporates
Whether you are a startup, SME or Mutinational, we can help you through our organizational management & HR expertise. You can request customized in-house trainings & programs or corporate event management that will increase your employee engagement & wellbeing. In addition, we provide a wide range of HR consultancy & services.

For Conferences & Events
Your event should be impactful and we understand the value of hosting inspirational sessions. We share our in-house speaking & moderating capabilities, as well as our network of keynote speakers that will enhance the impact of your conference.  We can also organize your event or conference from A to Z.

For Your Brand
You have an exceptional product that should be communicated to your key audience. We can help boost your customer reach by hosting educational consumer content and targeted gifting services, alongside marketing learning and consultancy.


Don't just take it from us, listen to the feedback of our attendees and people we worked with
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Dr. John Demartini

Human Behavior Expert & Author | International Speaker | Mindset Influencer | Empowerment & Self Development Expert

Thank you for organizing two first class, quality conferences in Beirut. Great attention to detail, dedication to quality, exceptional promotion and caring efforts that made the Accessing Your Seven Greatest Powers and the Where is My Billion events more than special. Because of your expertise these two events will remain memorable in my mind as two of the highlights of my professional speaking life. Thank you for caring, daring and sharing your love and wisdom with myself and so many others. I look forward to returning to your lovely country and certainly working with you again in the near future.

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Walid Abboud

Entrepreneur & Investor

Randa helped organizing Greater Europe YPO event in Beirut. She promised the speakers and negotiated with them. She also was in charge with all the logistics organisation. It was a great success, this event having the best rating ever in the history of YPO GE.

Monika Hilm

Regional Lead Czech Republic Vienna House

Randa is a creative, energetic organiser with a vision to change the world to a better place; one conference, one training at the time. Her organisational skills are on a very high lever from time keeping, to attracting the right speakers, the right entertainment and most importantly able to draw large audiences through excellent branding, marketing and social media usage. I met Randa a year ago when she came to Prague to study how we did the Happiness at work conference Prague - she ran with the concept and added so many great things that made the Beirut Happiness at work conference a pure pleasure to speak at and attend. Highly recommended for any event organisation.

Alexander Kjerulf

Chief Happiness Officer, Author, Speaker

Randa is fantastic to work with. She is smart, creative, detail-oriented and very organized. She is also incredibly hard-working and makes great things happen.

Alina Lazarescu - Abboud

Founder at Hermitage. urban spiritual hub

I loved working with Randa. She has helped us organizing a YPO Greater Europe event in Lebanon. She has her way of putting her heart in everything she does, she is super fast, organized and resourceful. I must say I am impressed. An amazing Lebanese woman working with Swiss precision. Looking forward to working with her again in the future

Bill Starnes

Developing Leadership Programs

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Randa when she joined the Mela network and participated in its Leadership Masterclass. Randa's experience, knowledge, leadership and heart were immediately evident for all to see. She is smart, accomplished and a joy to be around. With her magnetic personality and tremendous energy, she has created a variety of outstanding organizations, programs, and events over her career. If you are looking for someone to organize and deliver a program or training for your team company, or organization, I encourage you to connect with Randa!

George Saab

Senior Director

A breath of positivism in Self Development offering in Lebanon i am 60 and still learning using some of ur webinars Kudos Randa moving from one success to the other

Samer Taher

GM & Senior Expert Trainer

Randa's resilience and ability to maintain a positive mindset are two of the many contagious qualities she has. It is virtually impossible not to feel good when you are in her presence. She has this uplifting nature which she uses very well to motivate people around her. Randa is also the consummate hard working results oriented professional. She pursues her goals like a queen bee and I would never hesitate to work with or for her, any time any place. Last but not least, Randa is a genuine and that is quite rare nowadays.

Joe Ghantous

Helping Small & Medium Businesses in KSA & Lebanon to Grow Using the "4Ts of Digital Marketing Operations" | Strategist

Randa is very passionate and has great vision for her work. Her focus keeps everything moving smoothly. From my personal contact with her, I highly recommend her. Randa was already mentioned one of the “Top Lebanese Influencers to Follow” in my newest article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-lebanese-social-media-influencers-follow-joe-ghantous.

Hervé Piglowski

Managing Director at Château Marianne

J'ai eu la chance de collaborer avec Mademoiselle Randa Farah, et durant notre collaboration, elle a fait preuve d’un réelprofessionnalisme et d’une rigueur à toute épreuve. Avec son esprit entrepreneurial et son dynamisme, Randa est capable demener ses missions sur le chemin du succès. I also had an amazing experience during the workshops and I developed new skills. Thanks "I Have Learned Academy"

Rana Abou Rjeily

Strongly recommended! I did many workshops and attended all the conferences by I Have Learned Academy and I must say they were all great unique experiences and pricing is always very reasonable.

Sylvana Jabbour

Best Academy providing us the most interesting, helpful and valuable topics.

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